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We are a leading Occupational Health Provider with wide network of Clinics around Greater Manchester, Leeds, Hull, North Wales and London. We provide cost effective and evidence based Occupational Health advice, Psychological Services and Physiotherapy to manage sickness absence. We help you case manage, and help rehabilitation of employees that enables them to return to work soon. We make honest effort and challenge wrongly held beliefs by the employees particularly in Musculo-skeletal disorders and Work relate stress. We enable the employee and address perceptions and anxieties that help them not just to return to work but remain at work happily.  We also provide on-site support. We help provide specialist advice and deal with complex cases to Nurse led Occupational Health Unit. If you are organisation trying to deal with difficult sickness absences or a Nurse led service please get in touch with admin or clinical staff.

Our Physicians have wide and broad, cross-industry experience which enables us to provide proactive advice on matters of Occupational Health. We have expertise in assessing your health needs and cater to specific needs of your business. We have good track record of helping Organisations and improving their performance.

Feel free to contact us, and seek solution to your organisation’ s Occupational Health Problems.
email: admin@worksdoctor.co.uk

Services we offer include-Sickness absence – Sickness Absence Management-Cost of Sickness Absence

Equality Act (DDA) Equality act 2010 Assessments- Return to work medicals –Rehabilitation advice

Health promotion- Assessment of Health needs- Stress risk assessment.

Manual Handling Training- Work related musculoskeletal disorders- DSE assessments

Comprehensive ergonomic assessments.

Lung function tests- Lung-function / Spirometry tests- Occupational lung disease

Hearing tests- Workplace hearing testing- advice on Noise at work regulations, including writing policy documents- Screening programmes

Workplace Drug & alcohol screening, Pre-employment screening and medicals.

HAVS Medicals -Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 assessments

Night Worker Medicals

Workplace health surveillance & medicals


Industries that we cater for

  • OH for Construction and engineering
  • SME
  • Logistics companies-driver medicals, Fork-lift tuck medicals
  • Plant operator, confined space medicals, aerial rigger medicals
  • Education Institutes
  • NHS trusts
  • Local authority
  • We are also approved subcontractors for some larger occupational health providers.


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